Build & Print

Terrain Tinker is an easy to use online OpenLOCK builder that allows you to create your own amazing buildings and dungeons and then export them as a combined STL file or separately as OpenLOCK tiles for 3D printing.

Full color
Full Color

Terrain Tinker uses full-color 3D models so you can see how your 3D prints will look when painted. Or even render them for Dungeon Master notes or player reference guides

Drag & Drop

Easily sort through your OpenLOCK tiles then 'drag and drop' to quickly create layouts. Use the intuitive tools to move your parts and construct complex designs

Printable Scenery files
Access your Printable Scenery files

Terrain Tinker is partnered with Printable Scenery. You can link your accounts to access all your Printable Scenery OpenLOCK files directly in the Terrain Tinker interface.

Watch the tutorial

Terrain Tinker is super easy to use - if you have played many video games or used 3D software you should feel right at home. Watch our short tutorial with Matt from Printable Scenery

See the Spaceport Kickstarter

Our most recent Kickstarter campaign was the Spaceport sci-fi model pack.
You can now purchase these models in our Shop along with all our existing model packs

Terrain Tinker is not currently optimised for mobile